With our multi and combined systems we've been operating in the development of water-cooled cooling devices, each being one of the first in its field in Turkey.

even its work is so cold...

Profcold Professional Cooling Systems is the unique producer of proses devices in Turkey which are used in food sector and stabiles the healthy environment temperature in product manipulation part.

Profcold who regards the prevention of coldness, which is the initial condition for healthy and hygienic circumstance, also it provides a comfortable working environment for its staff thanks to inverter system which is used by Profcold. It sustains its R&D studies unceasingly with its young and innovative team according to international HACCP rules. Another innovation which profcold made is VRC Plus and VRC Hydroinverter which has inverter technology for central system cold room solution.

For this reason ;

it is always close to technology.

it does its work silently and calmly.

Profcold Professional cooling systems shows its respect to human and environment with its technology. It not only knows protecting the nature also provides comfort. While it provides aximum energy, it qorks in minimum sound level thanks to ‘Cooling system with water instead of air' which mixes high technology and intelligence of engineering.
while it enables extraordinary silent cooling;

it provides setting up privilege even indoors. It omits ‘External Unit' term.

it suits all kinds of environment.

Profcold Professional Cooling System makes differance because of both high energy saving technology and its small design.

Minimizing the parts by optimising, which are used in system technology, provided reduction of external unit volume. Thus, user friendly profcold, which enables both montage easiness and establishing all placed easily, surely makes place for itself;

whenever and wherever you want

even under desert sun or -18°C

Profcold Professional Cooling System are designed for providing high performance even in the worst air and environmental conditions. It never decreases under its cooling capacity and never faces with losing production by providing uninterrupted and impecable comfort even in almost +50°C temperature. Furthermore it provides income for future by prevention waste of energy with constant temperature level which prevents out of need heating.

it's a professional and looks after itself...

Systems which are preferred when investigating because it is cheap increases the cost of operating because of its incremental maintenance expenditure year by year. For this reason Profcold is with you in climatic system which is one of your largest expenses. Because your Profcold cooling system has worked for years without needing any extra maintenance including condenser cleaning since you started to use it. Profcold which continue working by making a backup in any breakdown and is aware of being economic, nearly finishes the maintenance expenses besides similar devices that work closed-circuit.

you are right to trust it...

With Profcold Professional Cooling System everything goes more controlled. On the one hand it reduces the company expenses by saving energy, on the other hand it controls cold chain storage of your products thanks to its remote control and central management system.

Profcold informs you in any change that occurs in your store's temperature via sms, fax or e-mail. With automation systems which it established for reliable cooling, it removes your production lose with its quality, health and professionallityprinciples wherever you are in the world.

it provides your immediate movement.

it leaps at the energy...

Having a high cooling capacity by consuming low energy thanks to Profcold Cooling System technology... Also it is possible to regain and use the energy which is thrown to undoable circumstances or atmosphere.

Moreover Profcold presents the heat which was occured in thanks to cooling return and mixed into the air by recycling in cooling groups which works the whole summer with temperature pumping system from air to water. It gains hot water with pre-heating activity by transferring the new earned energy supply to hot water that is used;

it provides saving from waste heat.