Systems that are quiet with technology, high with efficiency, friendly with energy…

Profcold Professional Cooling Systems make difference with;
- the minimized design that occupies less places than the similar models,
- quick montage opportunity,
- internal set up chance with its property to work quiet,
- environmental awareness with its low energy use,
- Remote Control and Central Management: The management of the several units locally or online by the software that the system possesses from one point. Delivering the alarms in form of SMS, faxor e-mail to the authorized person (it is optional),
- System Technologies that work with full capacity and provides high efficiency;


Energy saver, high efficiency systems…

Profcold Central Inverter Systems by;
- showing 1.47 times more performance cop compared with air cooling systems (COP),
- Working %75 quieter by cooling by water instead of scroll compressors and condanser fan that are used in the system,
- Exerting power only in need in the systems in which the changable cyclical compressors and pumps are used;

provides high profit.



Protectionist, smart, reliable systems…

Profcold Automation Systems with;
- The satellite communication technologies that it uses efficiently,
- The alarm system that is directly put into use with even the slightest change of temperature, pressure or moisture rate,
- 7/24 meticuluous follow of the facilities that were set up,
- Proffesional system that it sets up wherever in the world;
watches, records, reports;

keeps everything under control…


Seperates cold from hot.

Profpan Sandwich Panel Systems‘
- Private solutions that are suitable for each square meter and construction,
- Quick production and montage after project designing,
- Workmenship quality and professional materials that never form the thermal bridges that cause freezing,
- Healthy, hygienical and fresh protection guaranty of agricultural, chemical and medical goods,

don’t crack, break off, leak, shelter bacteria.