Producing according to European Safety Standards (CE), and having been certified by the German TUV, Profcold uses spare parts all being of international quality.


"Professional Cooling Age"

Profcold projects produces and applies industrial cooling systems to firstly food facilities, hotels, industrial integrate facilities, agricultural facilities, business centers, public corporations with its inventions and applications which provides the development of climatic technologies. Profcold which deals all the projects on the point of view for solution which they undertake with their partners takes place initially in Turkey with its products most of which are their own design because its controlled and meticulous working principle.
Profcold who continues its service as 'establishing facilities and systems will make pleased the costumers and will be succesful' supports its knowlege with cooling technology which it always develops and proves that its a trustworthy partner with its referances. It shows its respect to human and environment, usage and montage easiness, view of importance for high technology and economy with its production.

Profcold which cares maximum service quality about cooling systems follows dynamism, force, clearness on management, scientific and technological improvements with values of quality closely. In this view it continues its 'initial brand' mission. Such that it developed series ozon-friendly liquid cooling, changeble flowraid which has inverter technology with VRC Plus Air Cooling, VRC Hydroinverter Water Cooling for central system cold room series in 2008, achieved a first in the sector, this technology VRC reached the most silent, economical and durable device level in the industry.

Profcold which continues production capacity which will respond the demand of local, national and international costumers with the principled innovative, true and foresighted management knowledge in 12. 000m2 modern production facilities, always tries to be the bestabout the service and maintenance of systems after selling with its team who are educated and experienced about their subject. Profcold believes that technology needs to be supported with professional service and maintenance and for this reason its services coordinately to its costumers without spare part problem 365 days and 24 hours with 50 technician and 54 service car.

Profcold which cherises 'Professional Cooling Age' in climatic technology continues its activities with the responsibility of being initial and always followed brand in the sector by developing systems which can be used and run easily.